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6 Spectacular Waterfront Restaurants to Try on Cape Cod

Published: April 26th, 2024

Cape Cod has some of the most incredible waterfront restaurants in the northeast, offering local seafood and other unique culinary options

Cape Cod, with its picturesque coastline and rich maritime history, offers an array of dining experiences that perfectly blend exquisite cuisine with breathtaking waterfront views. Simply put: you cannot visit the Cape without dining seaside!

Whether you're a seafood aficionado, a lover of New England classics, or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, the following six waterfront restaurants on Cape Cod guarantee an unforgettable meal with views to match.

The Ocean House Restaurant (Dennis Port)
Nestled along the shores of Nantucket Sound, The Ocean House Restaurant boasts a stunning panoramic view of the ocean. Renowned for its fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant offers an extensive menu that highlights Cape Cod's culinary treasures. From the Hot Buttered Lobster Dumplings to the Pan Seared Day Boat Scallops, every dish is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a dining experience that is both delicious and unforgettable.

The Lobster Pot (Provincetown)
Perched on Provincetown's bustling Commercial Street, The Lobster Pot has been a beloved fixture in the local dining scene for decades. With its casual atmosphere and waterfront location, this iconic restaurant is the perfect spot to indulge in Cape Cod's finest seafood offerings. Feast on steamed lobster, stuffed quahogs, or their famous clam bake while enjoying stunning views of Provincetown Harbor and the picturesque Cape Cod coastline.

The Chart Room (Cataumet)
Tucked away in the charming village of Cataumet, The Chart Room offers a relaxed waterfront dining experience with unparalleled views of Red Brook Harbor. Known for its laid-back ambiance and delicious fare, this family-owned restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Savor fresh seafood dishes such as grilled swordfish or indulge in their famous lobster roll while soaking in the tranquil beauty of the harbor.

The Beachcomber (Wellfleet)
Situated atop the dunes overlooking Cahoon Hollow Beach, The Beachcomber is a quintessential Cape Cod destination. This legendary beachside restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring locally sourced seafood, creative cocktails, and live music. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely lunch on the deck or dancing under the stars during one of their evening beach parties, The Beachcomber promises a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of summer on Cape Cod. Just dont forget to purchase one of their iconic Beachcomber sweatshirts before the end of the night!

The Red Inn Restaurant (Provincetown)
Housed in a historic waterfront inn overlooking Provincetown Harbor, The Red Inn Restaurant exudes old-world charm and elegance. Dine in style in their intimate dining room or on the picturesque patio, where you can enjoy stunning views of the harbor and Long Point Lighthouse. Known for its innovative New American cuisine and extensive wine list, this award-winning restaurant offers a culinary journey that celebrates the flavors of Cape Cod.

The Black Cat Tavern (Hyannis)
Located in the heart of Hyannis Harbor, The Black Cat Tavern offers a laid-back atmosphere and panoramic views of the bustling harbor. With its extensive menu featuring classic New England dishes and creative seafood specialties, this waterfront eatery has something for everyone. Whether you're craving a hearty bowl of clam chowder or a fresh catch of the day, The Black Cat Tavern delivers a dining experience that is both delicious and memorable.

Cape Cod's waterfront restaurants offer more than just delicious cuisinethey provide an opportunity to savor the flavors of the sea while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the coastline. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner for two or a fun-filled meal with family and friends, these six establishments are sure to delight your senses and leave you longing for your next visit to the Cape.

Cape Cod's Top Family-Friendly Beaches

Published: March 29, 2024

Discover Cape Cod's best family-friendly beaches for your summer vacation with Nauset Rental

Cape Cod, renowned for its scenic coastline and charming towns, offers an array of family-friendly beaches ideal for your next summer vacation. While many adventure-seekers will head for the surfer-friendly waves of the Outer Cape, many spots between Bourne and Provincetown offer everything you may need for a memorable family beach trip. From Craigville to Nauset Beach, you are guaranteed to find a sandy oasis your entire family can enjoy. Here's a curated list of Cape Cod's most family-friendly beaches, tried and tested by the Nauset Rental team:

  • Craigville Beach, Centerville: Enjoy gentle waves and soft sands at Craigville Beach, a mid-Cape favorite. With lifeguards on duty and convenient amenities, it's perfect for a worry-free day by the sea. Explore homes in Barnstable
  • Old Silver Beach, Falmouth: Dive into crystal-clear waters and shallow depths at Old Silver Beach, providing safe fun for young ones. Explore tidal pools and enjoy beachside amenities for a full day of family adventure. After your day in the sun, Main Street is just a short drive away, offering delicious lunch options and endless boutiques to browse. Explore homes in Falmouth
  • Mayflower Beach, Dennis: Experience Cape Cod Bay at her finest! Delight in the calm waters and tidal pools of Mayflower Beach, offering an immersive experience in nature for kids. Explore marine life and enjoy the gradual shoreline, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all. Mayflower Beach also offers highly sought-after amenities such as a snack bar and bathrooms. But, be sure to arrive early! This parking lot, while large, is known to fill up very quickly. Explore homes in Dennis
  • Chapin Memorial Beach, Dennis: Just a short drive away from Mayflower Beach, we consider a great alternative for those of us wanting to skip the crowds yet still enjoy a stunning day out on the water in Dennis. With its calm waters and stunning views of Cape Cod Bay, Chapin Beach provides ample space for family relaxation and play. Discover beachside amenities and a playground for added enjoyment.
  • Nauset Beach, Orleans: Grab your boogie boards and lets hit the waves! Nauset Beach is the perfect combination of thrills and chills - experience the thrill of rolling waves or spend the afternoon beachcombing. The choice is yours! This destination also offers lifeguarded swimming areas and scenic trails for family exploration. Explore homes in Orleans
  • Plan your perfect summer getaway with Nauset Rentals' curated list of the best family-friendly beaches including Nauset Beach in Orleans

  • Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable: Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Sandy Neck Beach. With serene waters and breathtaking sunsets, it's an idyllic spot for swimming, beachcombing, and family bonding.
  • Skaket Beach, Orleans: Unwind at Skaket Beach with its calm waters and expansive tidal flats, ideal for young swimmers and explorers. Enjoy picnicking, playgrounds, and endless shoreline adventures for the whole family.
  • Herring Point, Provincetown: GAs part of the National Seashore, Herring Point is one family-friendly beach you wont want to miss out on visiting. Located on the furthest point of the Cape, Herring Cove Beach offers visitors a gentler alternative to the crashing waves often found on Outer Cape beaches. This Provincetown beach is a popular place to catch a stunning sunset and, if youre lucky, you may even spot seals & whales right off the beach! Explore homes in Provincetown

No matter where your Cape Cod vacation may take you, the fifteen towns of the Cape each offer a unique beach-going experience. Pack your sunscreen, grab your beach gear, and embark on a beach getaway filled with sun, sand, and cherished memories. Book your stay with Nauset Rental today!

Embracing Rainy Days on Cape Cod: A Guide to Indoor Adventures

Is it raining on your Cape Cod vacation? Nauset Rental highlights things to do on Cape Cod when it's raining, no matter what season

Cape Cod, with its stunning beaches and charming landscapes, is a perfect destination for a sunny getaway. However, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with our plans, and occasionally, rainy days may greet us. But fear not! Rainy days on Cape Cod bring their own charm and opportunities for unique indoor adventures. Let's explore some delightful activities to make the most of your rainy Cape Cod experience.

1. Cozy Cafes and Local Eateries:

When the rain starts to fall, it's the perfect time to explore the vibrant culinary scene on Cape Cod. Seek refuge in one of the many cozy cafes or local eateries that dot the region. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, indulge in delicious pastries, and savor the flavors of Cape Cod's diverse cuisine. Don't forget to try the local seafood specialties for a true taste of the region.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in Brewster

Cape Cod's local resaurants and cafe are a great way to spend a rainy day, exploring the delicious culinary options from Falmouth to Provincetown

2. Visit Museums and Art Galleries:

Cape Cod boasts a rich cultural heritage, and its museums and art galleries are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Take advantage of the rainy weather to visit museums that showcase the area's history, maritime heritage, and art scene. Whether you're interested in traditional art or contemporary exhibits, Cape Cod has something to offer for every art enthusiast.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis

3. Retail Therapy in Charming Boutiques:

Stroll through the charming streets lined with boutiques and specialty shops. Cape Cod is home to a plethora of unique stores offering handmade crafts, local artwork, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Treat yourself to a shopping spree, and you might find the perfect memento to remember your rainy-day adventure.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Shops on Chatham Main Street

4. Wellness Retreats and Spas:

Rainy days provide an excellent excuse to pamper yourself. Indulge in a rejuvenating spa day or wellness retreat on Cape Cod. From luxurious spa resorts to holistic wellness centers, there are plenty of options to unwind and relax. Treat yourself to a massage, spa treatment, or a calming yoga session to escape the gloomy weather.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Le Petite Day Spa in Chatham

Rainy days are perfect to Treat Your Self to one of Cape Cod's wellness retreats or spas

5. Explore Historical Sites:

Cape Cod is steeped in history, and its historical sites are a captivating way to spend a rainy day. Visit colonial-era landmarks, lighthouses, and museums that tell the tales of Cape Cod's past. Immerse yourself in the region's rich history and gain a deeper appreciation for its cultural heritage.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Provincetown Museum & Monument

6. Family-Friendly Indoor Activities:

If you're traveling with family, rainy days can turn into delightful bonding experiences. Explore family-friendly indoor activities such as bowling alleys, arcades, or indoor mini-golf. Cape Cod offers a variety of options to keep the little ones entertained and create lasting memories, rain or shine.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Atlantic White Shark Conservancys Shark Centers in Provincetown & Chatham

7. Attend a Live Performance:

Check out the local event calendar for live performances happening on rainy days. Cape Cod hosts a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, featuring concerts, theater productions, and live music events. Enjoy a captivating performance and let the rainy day become a backdrop to a memorable evening.

Nauset Rental Recommendation: Payomet Performing Art Center in Truro

Rainy days on Cape Cod need not dampen your spirits. Embrace the opportunity to discover the hidden gems and indoor delights that this charming region has to offer. From sipping coffee in cozy cafes to exploring museums and indulging in spa treatments, Cape Cod's rainy day activities are as diverse and enchanting as its sunny counterparts. So, the next time the raindrops fall, seize the moment and create unforgettable memories on the Cape.

Even though summer is the most popular time to visit Cape Cod, there are still plenty of activities to do in the winter on Cape Cod

Its no secret that Cape Cod is an increasingly popular destination for summer travel. The 15 towns that make up our sandbar are brimming with picturesque beaches, scenic hiking trails, an energetic restaurant scene, and so much more - whats not to love? While summer on Cape Cod is a treasure, did you know that locals often say winter might be the best time to experience the Cape?

While many may assume that Cape Cod turns into a ghost town once the final car crosses the bridge on Labor Day, the local community on Cape Cod proves to be just as vibrant in the off-season as the high season. With fewer crowds to contend with and much more free time, us locals can often be found spending our days walking along the shore, visiting our favorite restaurants, or planning weekend excursions to local shops, museums, and more. Take a look below at a few of our favorite winter activities on the Cape:

Experience Cape Cod's Seasonal Beauty: Winter Landscapes and Local Attractions

While many Cape visitors opt for the heat of summer to visit our local beaches, Cape Cods natural beauty is evident no matter the season! Cape Cod dunes, trails, and lighthouses are stunning against a backdrop of blues and greys all winter long and sunsets prove to be a spectacular display of vibrant oranges, reds, and purples. An added bonus is small crowds and free parking at our favorite destinations across our peninsula.

  • The Knob in Falmouth
  • Race Point Beach in Provincetown
  • Grays Beach Boardwalk in Yarmouth
  • Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham
  • Lighthouse Beach in Chatham

Curl Up with a Book: Cape Cods Cozy Winter Bookshops

The epitome of cozy in the winter? Curling up by the fire with a good book. Luckily, Cape Cod is home to dozens of independent bookstores that boast curated collections of fiction, nonfiction, childrens books, and tomes written by local authors.

Local, indepedent Cape Cod bookstores are a great place to pick up a new book to read by the fire on a cold day

Explore Cape Cod Museums: Year-Round Cultural Treasures

Did you know that Cape Cod is home to dozens of locally operated museums, ranging in topics from history to aquatic life to culture & heritage? While hours often vary in the winter months, many of these local gems are open to the public year-round, and visiting in the off-season often guarantees fewer crowds and unique programming. Just be sure to double-check the hours of operation!

A Day at the Movies: Cape Cods Independent Cinemas

If the weather isnt working in your favor, catching a film at a locally-owned cinema is a surefire way to spend the afternoon. Whether youre looking for a blockbuster hit or an independent art film, our theaters offer a wide range of cinematic experiences to satisfy all tastes and ages.

Cape Cod movie theaters are a great year-round option for entertainment during the winter

Savor Cape Cod Cuisine: Winter Dining Delights

As we mentioned, many local restaurants close up shop in the winter months as traffic is slower. Yet, many of our favorite spots stay open year-round and often introduce seasonal specials and events to draw folks in. The restaurant scene on Cape is entirely unique, ranging in flavors, atmospheres, and vibes. No matter your preferences, you are sure to find what your taste buds are looking for!

Dont get us wrong: winter on Cape Cod is much more subdued compared to July, with many local businesses closing for the season. However, the relaxed atmosphere of winter months on Cape Cod can prove to be a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of summer. And there are still lots of off-season activities on Cape Cod to fill your time with!

Don't miss these November events happening on Cape Cod this Fall during your getaway with Nauset Rental

As the summer heat gives way to crisp, cool breezes, Cape Cod undergoes a magical transformation, showcasing its true splendor in the vibrant colors of fall. While many vacationers opt for visiting the Cape in the summer months, fall on Cape Cod is often considered the most underrated time to visit. With fewer crowds, cool temps, and far less traffic over the bridge, the Cape in the fall is a delightful surprise many tourists choose to enjoy over the hectic summer high season. Cape Cod in October offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and autumn charm, making for a quintessential New England fall experience.

There’s a pervasive myth that the Cape is a ghost town once the final car drives over the bridge on Labor Day weekend. But, that could not be further from the truth! Cape Cod is home to a vibrant community of year-round residents that are often host to fun, inventive events and festivals all year long - and autumn is no exception. If you’re visiting the Cape this November, be sure to bookmark these five autumnal events happening across Cape Cod:

Fall Brew Fest | November 4th | at Cape Cod Package Store in Barnstable

Consider yourself a beer enthusiast? This event is for you! Head to Cape Cod Package Store in Barnstable on November 4th to sample dozens of beers and ciders from local, regional, and national breweries, including Cape Cod Beer, Allagash Brewing, Stormalong Ciders, and more. You are guaranteed to leave with a new favorite brew to share with loved ones over the holiday season.

Learn more at

Annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument | November 11th

On November 11th, Provincetown hosts a beloved tradition, the Annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument. This event marks the Pilgrims' first landing in the New World in 1620, and it's a poignant and historic moment for Cape Cod. The monument is illuminated with a stunning display of lights and marks the beginning of another festive season on the Cape. New this year, a fun-filled, ticketed event with local food and drink will take place prior to the lighting.

To learn more, visit

Chatham Turkey Trot | November 23rd | Chatham Community Center

Lace up your running shoes and get ready to work off that Thanksgiving feast at the Chatham Turkey Trot, an annual 5K race held on Thanksgiving morning. This family-friendly event is a great way to kick off the holiday - just remember that a Thanksgiving feast is waiting for you after you cross the finish line! Runners and walkers of all levels can participate, and it's a wonderful opportunity to bask in the quaint fall scenery of Chatham.

Learn more at

Gardens Aglow | Starting November 24th | Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich

Ring in the holiday season with this beloved festive tradition! The Gardens Aglow at Heritage Museums & Gardens is a family-friendly experience featuring beautiful outdoor light displays, festive seasonal decor, and fun activities for all - including visiting Santa in a 1913 Ford Model T! Visitors are invited to stroll the lighted gardens with family and friends, roast marshmallows, go on a reindeer scavenger hunt, enjoy seasonal treats from Lilly’s Café and the Cape Cod Donut Truck, view the expanded model train display, and so much more.

Tickets are known to sell out for this event, so be sure to visit for ticketing information soon.

November on Cape Cod is a time of transition from the vibrant colors of fall to the quiet anticipation of the holiday season. These November events offer a wonderful way to savor the final moments of autumn and embrace the unique charm of the Cape in all seasons.

Vacation rental management is not easy! Find out how to find the right rental management company for your Cape Cod summer home with Nauset Rental

It’s no secret: Cape Cod is a dream destination for summer vacationers and daytrippers. With stunning beaches, quaint small towns, and a plethora of restaurants and shops to choose from, the 15 towns of Cape Cod are only expected to become more and more popular with tourists seeking a quintessential New England summer vacation. For homeowners looking to capitalize on this demand, short-term summer rentals can be a lucrative venture. However, managing these properties can be a daunting task, especially if you live far away or are juggling other full-time commitments. And let’s face it: handling those late-night phone calls from guests who have misplaced their set of keys can be time-consuming and exhausting.

That's where a rental management company comes in.

Finding a rental management company to partner with is essential to ensuring the quality of your rental experience for guests as well as the safety of your home. Read our tips below on how to find the right rental management company for your Cape Cod summer home.

Define Your Goals and Expectations

Before you start your search for a rental management company, it's crucial to define your goals and expectations. What do you want from this partnership? Are you looking to maximize your rental income, minimize your involvement, or both? Establishing clear objectives will help you narrow down your options and choose a company that aligns with your needs.

Research Local Companies

Cape Cod is home to numerous rental management companies and weeding out the best option for your home can feel like a daunting task. Start your search by researching local companies online, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations from fellow homeowners in the area. Your network is your best asset in this case - word-of-mouth recommendations are often more honest than those you may find online! Look for companies that have a solid track record of managing high-end properties on Cape Cod and a good reputation among local property owners.

An important reminder: is the rental management company you’re considering operating with homeowners in mind? Does this company focus primarily on property sales and not short-term rental management? For homeowners, it’s important to consider the primary motive of a company, ensuring that your interests are aligned with theirs.

Evaluate Services Offered

Once you've identified a few potential rental management companies, it's time to evaluate the services they offer. Not all companies provide the same level of support, so make sure the services align with your current needs. Key services to consider include marketing and advertising, guest screening, property maintenance, and financial management. The right company should offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your property.

Create Connections

Contact your shortlisted companies and schedule interviews or consultations. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for their expertise and professionalism. Inquire about their experience with Cape Cod properties, their marketing strategies, how they handle guest inquiries and issues, and how often they perform property inspections. A face-to-face or virtual meeting can provide valuable insights into their communication skills and commitment to your property's success.

An inquiry call will also be an opportunity to review rental management packages. Many companies offer a variety of homeowner solutions with varying coverage and services. Depending on your current needs, your initial interview with a potential rental manager will offer valuable insights into costs and availability.

Remember to ask about homeowner retention and ask for client testimonials as well. A company is only as strong as its client satisfaction!

Review Marketing Strategies

What sells homes? Marketing! If your goal is to book your home as often as possible during the peak summer season, your rental management company needs to successfully market your home by leveraging innovative marketing strategies. When researching rental management companies, remember to ask about online booking systems, external vacation rental platforms, digital marketing channels such as social media and email marketing, and professional photography and videography. An adaptive, modern rental company will be able to provide a rundown of its marketing offerings and explain how it may use innovative technology to market your property to potential guests.

Consider Local Expertise

Cape Cod is a unique market with distinct seasonal trends and regulations. A rental management company with local expertise will have a better understanding of the area's rental market, pricing strategies, and legal requirements. Inquire if a company’s rental management team is local to the Cape, including its service contractors, such as electricians and landscapers. The more local a team is, the more knowledgeable and invested they will be to the success of your home and local community.


Finding the right rental management company for your Cape Cod summer rental is a crucial step in ensuring a successful and stress-free summer season. It’s important to remember that your property is just that: your property. It’s a valuable asset and finding a management company you can trust implicitly is crucial in keeping your home safe.

Nauset Rental was founded by owners for owners, meaning we have been in the shoes of homeowners before. There’s an inherent vulnerability in renting your home to guests and our primary goal is to minimize risk at your home, while also helping you increase your revenue. We thoroughly vet guests to ensure your home is never put in danger of damage or misuse simply to secure an additional booking.

With the right rental management company by your side, you can sit back, relax, and watch your Cape Cod summer rental thrive. Interested in learning more about our Homeowner Solutions? Click here to schedule an initial consultation!

Can you believe it’s already August?! With just one month left of summer, there’s still so much to do on Cape Cod during your vacation. We’ve put together a list of our favorite happenings from Sandwich to Provincetown to keep you and the family entertained during your Nauset Rental stay.

While some of these events require registration or ticket purchases, a large number of them are free and family friendly. Links are provided to each event for more information.

Recurring Events on Cape Cod

Mondays 6pm in August, 5pm in September: Summer Concert Series on Windmill Green, Eastham

Mondays 6:30-8:30pm through August 28: Summer Concert Series at Nauset Beach

Mondays 7-8:30pm through August 21: Summer Concert on the Green, Dennis Village Green

Mondays 6-7:30pm through August 28: Yarmouth Summer Concert Series , Parkers River Beach, South Yarmouth

Mondays 7pm through August 14: Hyannis Sound A Cappella , First Congregational Church, Falmouth

Mondays 5:30-6:30pm, through August 28: Cape Cod Ukulele Club Concerts, Hyannis Village Green

Mondays 8am -12pm through September 25: Truro Educational Farmers’ Market

Tuesdays 7-8pm through August 29: Harwich Town Band, Brooks Park, Harwich  

Tuesdays 10am - 1pm through October 11: Sandwich Farmers’ Market

Tuesdays 3-6pm through October 24: Chatham Farmers’ Market

Tuesdays 10am through August 29: Puppets, Paul and Mary: You, Me, Trees and the Sea , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

Tuesdays 7pm through August 15: Hyannis Sound A Cappella , Saint Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Chatham

Tuesdays 6-7:30 through August 29: Free Outdoor Concert Series , Aselton Park, Hyannis

Tuesdays and Wednesdays through August 30: Cape Cod Jazz & Arts Festival , Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Tuesdays and Wednesdays through August 30: Evenings at Salt Pond , Cape Cod National Seashore, Eastham

Wednesdays 8am - 12pm through October 18: Wellfleet Farmers’ Market

Wednesdays 5-8pm through August 30: Port Summer Nights, Harwich Port

Wednesdays 10am through August 30: The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm through August 30: Barnstable Town Band Summer Concert Series , Hyannis Village Green Bandstand

Wednesdays 6-10pm through August 16: Movies Under the Stars , Falmouth Public Library

Thursdays 7pm through August 17: Hyannis Sound A Cappella , Dennis Union Church, Dennis

Thursdays 9am - 1pm through September 7: Bass River Farmers’ Market
Thursdays 6-9pm through August 24: Cranfest in the Courtyard, The 204, Harwich

Thursdays 12-5pm through October 5: Falmouth Farmers’ Market

Thursdays 3-6pm through October 26: Harwich Farmers’ Market

Thursdays 5-8pm: Free Live Music at the Brewery, Cape Cod Beer

Thursdays 10am through August 31: The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

Thursdays Dusk through August 24: Summer Movie Night at the Village Green , Mashpee Commons

Fridays 7pm through August 18: Hyannis Sound A Cappella , First Baptist Church of Hyannis

Fridays 5-8pm: Free Live Music at the Brewery, Cape Cod Beer

Fridays 9am - 1pm through September 22: Osterville Farmers’ Market

Fridays 10:30am through August 25: FUNday Fridays Children’s Programming , The Cape Playhouse, Dennis

Saturdays 4-7pm through August 26: Juggle Jams, T-Time, Eastham

Saturdays 9am - 1pm through September 9: Bass River Farmers’ Market

Saturdays 8am-12pm through September 2, 9am -12pm through November 18: Orleans Farmers’ Market

Saturdays 9am - 1pm through October 28: Provincetown Educational Farmers’ Market

Saturdays 5-8pm: Free Live Music at the Brewery, Cape Cod Beer

Sundays 3-6pm: Free Live Music at the Brewery, Cape Cod Beer

Sundays 4:30-5:30pm through September 17: Music & More Summer, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis

Daily 11am- 6pm (or later!) through October: Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties

Daily 9:30am: Free Morning Movies for the Whole Family, Chatham Orpheum Theater

Various Days & Times through September 24: Guided Field Walks , Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster

Various Days & Times through August 29: Forest Bathing , Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 6pm through September 1: Payomet's Cirque by the Sea presents Roots: A Farm to Circus Show , Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, Wellfleet 

Anytime: Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail , Yarmouth

Theatrical Performances on Cape Cod: 

July 26 - August 12: An American in Paris , The Cape Playhouse, Dennis

August 16 - 26: Lerner & Loewe’s Camelot , The Cape Playhouse, Dennis

August 30 - September 9: Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery ,The Cape Playhouse, Dennis

July 6 - August 5: A Man of No Importance , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

June 25 - August 12: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

August 16 - 27: The Pianist of Willesden Lane , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

August 8 - 26: Finding Nemo Jr , Cape Cod Harwich Junior Theater Company

July 18 - August 10, 10am: Dragons Love Tacos , Cape Cod Harwich Junior Theater Company

July 25 - August 5, 7pm: Arkansas Bear, Cape Cod Harwich Junior Theater Company

August 13, 14, 20, 21, 7:30pm: The Scottish Play — Macbeth , Cape Cod Harwich Junior Theater Company

Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro has a variety of performances on Cape Cod for vacationers to enjoy including family-friendly events, music concerts and more!

Events Happening: August 5 - 11, 2023

August 5: Harold López-Nussa & Timba a la Americana , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 5: First Church Kids Day , First Congregational Church of Harwich

August 5: Mindfulness Arts Festival , Guyer Barn, Hyannis

August 5: Pink Martini Featuring China Forbes, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 5: Cape Cod Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival, Cape Cod Fairgrounds , Falmouth

August 5: 53rd Annual Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association Summer Antique Show , Nauset Middle School Front Lawn, Orleans

August 5-6: Chatham Summer Craft Festival , Chatham Community Center Lawn, Chatham

August 5-6: A Different Drummer Craft Event , Drummer Boy Park, Brewster

August 6: Cape Cod Roller Derby Double Header , Cape Cod Community College, Hyannis

August 6: Toussaint the Liberator , Province Lands Amphitheater, Provincetown

August 6: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with special guest opener Sarah Swain & The Oh Boys , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 6: An evening with the Concert: A Tribute of ABBA, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 6: Summer Starlight 2023 , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

August 7: Catherine Russell , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 9: Music and Movement with Truro Yoga , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 9: Eli Paperboy Reed and The Harlem Gospel Travelers , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 9 – September 9: The Pickleball Wars, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater , Wellfleet

August 9: Sandwich for All Beach Bonfire , Town Neck Beach/ Wood Ave. Parking Lot, Sandwich

August 9: David Wax Museum (Mexo-Americana Folk Band), Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 10: Fredi Schiff Levin Lecture: Mira Schor, Provincetown Art Association and Museum , Provincetown 

August 10: Dylan Scott, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 10: Village Crafters of Cape Cod Craft Fair , West Yarmouth Congregational Church, West Yarmouth

August 11: An Evening with Get The Led Out — Tribute to Led Zeppelin, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 11: The Fairy Circus An Arabian Adventure – A Tanglewood Marionette Production , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 11: Fantastic Negrito , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 11: A Night at the Movies Concert , Our Lady of the Cape Church, Brewster

Events Happening: August 12 - 18, 2023

August 12: Bands for Badges Music Festival, Cape Cod Fairgrounds, Falmouth

August 12: Singer, Composer, Actor Kemp Harris, Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 12: An Evening with Kathleen Madigan: Boxed Wine & Tiny Banjos, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 12: Patty Griffin , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 12: Stone Carving Demonstration with Jess Marsolais , Captain Bangs Hallet House, Yarmouth Port

August 12: African Drumming Class , Hyannis Village Green, Hyannis

August 13: An Evening with Melissa Etheridge, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

The Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis provides musical entertainment throughout the summer.

August 13: International Festival , Aselton Park, Hyannis

August 14: Animal Liberation Orchestra , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 15: Sarah Burrill , Lobster & Chowder House, Wellfleet 

August 15: Dana Ayers , Lobster & Chowder House, Wellfleet 

August 15: Summer Jazz Series with Bart Weisman and Friends, Provincetown Art Association and Museum , Provincetown 

August 15: East Nash Grass , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 16: Music and Movement with Truro Yoga , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 16: Susan Werner & Vance Gilbert , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 16 & 17: Train with special guest Thunderstorm Artis, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 17: 45th Annual Carnival Parade , Provincetown (Carnival events are happening all week. Click the link to explore all events) 

August 17: Village Crafters of Cape Cod Craft Fair , West Yarmouth Congregational Church, West Yarmouth

August 17: Sea Captain’s Craft and Vendor Fair , Congregational Church of South Dennis

August 18-20: Festival of the Arts , Creative Arts Center, Chatham

August 18 & 19: An Evening with Comedian Bob Marley, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 18: The Amazing Richard Magic Show , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 18: Calexico , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

Events Happening: August 19 - 25, 2023

August 19: Zoë Lewis- From Tea to Tequila!, Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 19: Lucius , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 19-20: CraftFest Cotuit , The Cotuit Federated Church, Cotuit

August 20: Jazz Jam Cape Cod hosted by Bart Weisman, Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 20: Face 2 Face — Tribute to Elton John & Billy Joel, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 20: Falmouth Road Race , Falmouth

August 20: Cha Wa , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 20: United We Dance , Brooks Park, Harwich

August 21: Suede , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 22: Summer Jazz Series with Bart Weisman and Friends, Provincetown Art Association and Museum , Provincetown 

August 23: Music and Movement with Truro Yoga , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 23: Aysanabee , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 24: Gabby Barrett, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 24: Country Meets Folk Rock with Greg Loftus, Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 24: Fredi Schiff Levin Lecture: Jane Paradise, Provincetown Art Association and Museum , Provincetown 

August 25: Ilana Glazer Live!, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

August 25: The Wayne Martin Puppets , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 25: Kotoko Brass , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 25 - 27: Beach Road Weekend Music Festival , Martha’s Vineyard

Events Happening: August 26 - September 4, 2023

August 26: Studio Two: The Early Beatles Tribute, Cultural Center of Cape Cod , South Yarmouth

August 26: Start Making Sense, Talking Heads Tribute , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 26-27: Kill Tide Arts and Craft Festival , Drummer Boy Park, Brewster

August 27: Dennis Chamber of Commerce 65th Antique Car Parade , Dennis Port to Dennis Village

August 27: Cécile McLorin Salvant , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 28: Dumpstaphunk , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 29: Robert Cray Band , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 31: Danielle Ponder , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

August 31: Cape Cod Classics Car Show , Lobster & Chowder House, Wellfleet 

September 1: 9th Annual Cape Cod Women’s Music Festival , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

September 1-2: All Our Best 2023 , Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster

September 1: Jake Owen, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

September 1-3: By the Bay Fine Arts & Craft Show , Drummer Boy Park, Brewster

September 2: An Evening with One Night of Queen, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

September 2: Pedrito Martinez , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

September 2: Hyannis Second Summer Fireworks , Kalmus and Veterans Park Beaches, Hyannis Harbor

September 2-3: Labor Day Weekend Arts & Craft Festival , John Simpkins Field, Yarmouth

September 3: George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Cape Cod Melody Tent , Hyannis

September 3: The Wailers , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

September 3: Dennis Bonfire & Fireworks , West Dennis Beach, Dennis

September 4: Carolyn Wonderland , Payomet Performing Arts Center, Truro

Have you noticed fewer rental bookings this summer for your rental property? You're not alone! Learn how Nauset Rental can help homeowners fill those empty days.

2023 is looking a bit different than the past few years, but we have thrived in similarly challenging conditions and this is the type of market where we dramatically outperform the competition. In fact, most market participants do not have the system or horsepower to perform data driven analysis and active management. As predicted in our 2022 Report and 2023 Forecasting, we’re seeing an end to the pandemic boom when demand generally exceeds supply and return to more normalized market conditions. This is a “correction” of the trends experienced during peak covid years.

Based on our forecasting, we took proactive steps to adjust our pricing and marketing strategies, enabling us to achieve the highest possible revenue for our homeowners. Although some may perceive this season as somewhat sluggish, the numbers show that Nauset Rental properties are outperforming the broader vacation rental market. Specifically, our inventory of properties is currently sitting at an 11% lead in occupancy over the wider market, with 74% of our homes booked for July and August compared to the market's 63% for the same dates (source: vacation rental market data aggregator).

Data acquired by Nauset Rental showing the rate of occupancy of rental homes in Orleans at 60% for August 2023Data acquired by Nauset Rental showing the rate of occupancy of rental homes in Orleans at 57% for July 2023

*Screenshots of data taken May 1st showing that across the Orleans market only 57% is booked the week of July 8th and 60% booked the week of August 12th.

A screenshot showing Nauset Rental has a higher average occupancy than other property management companies for the Cape Cod Market from data directly taken from Nauset Rental LiveRez system and, market aggregator

All that said, there’s still a way to go and we want to assure homeowners that we’re continuing to update our strategy to ensure the best possible performance for our properties. With just two months left until July, here are a few things we’ve noticed / are implementing during this final crunch time.

  1. The booking window (time between booking date and arrival date) has compressed and continues to shorten both nationally and here on Cape Cod. While this feels like a very big adjustment to our traditional Cape market, it also means there is still lots of time to book remaining gaps.
  2. 2020-2022 were record breaking years for rentals. This year we’re seeing an increase in supply and more limited demand. This does mean that adjustments to rates are necessary, but demand is still such that homeowners will have a lucrative season if priced right. Better to adjust and meet the market, than risk big gap weeks. While some might experience less revenue than we saw the past couple of years, we continue to aim for the highest possible gross revenue achievable in the season as a whole in the given market.
  3. We continue to make a number of adjustments in our marketing and pricing strategies to evolve and adapt with the market ahead of most. This may include things like shortened stays for newly softer shoulder weeks, running new specials and we’ve doubled down on our website and outbound marketing to spotlight homes. 
  4. We continue to update our 3rd party marketing strategies, always balancing risk and reward when considering certain types of bookings for your homes. 

We are looking forward to a great season ahead and continuing to put our adaptable nature to work for our homeowners.

As the summer season approaches, many homeowners who typically rent out their homes on Cape Cod or the Southshore to short-term visitors may be feeling a sense of unease. Despite our region's reputation as a popular vacation destination, there are growing concerns that rental properties may notice a slowdown in bookings this year. While many homeowners have historically experienced higher-than-average bookings over the past few years, recent trends indicate the rental market appears to be changing once again.

In short: the vacation rental market is shifting, and you may be feeling the effects.

A picturesque view of the Cape Cod canal: A welcoming site for renters vacationing on Cape Cod this summer

The rental market is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, and homeowners who rent out their properties must stay on top of market trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. Failure to do so can result in a lack of bookings and ultimately, financial loss.

One common reason why properties may fall behind in the market is an overall lack of preparation for market changes. COVID-19 undoubtedly altered the ways many of us travel and, as we enter our fourth summer in a post-pandemic world, renters' habits appear to be shifting. With growing concerns over economic instability and inflation, 100% occupancy for the summer is no longer a guarantee. Similarly, changes in consumer preferences and the emergence of new competitors in our local markets can also catch some homeowners off guard.

Failure to make necessary adjustments to your property may also be impacting your home’s success during the upcoming peak rental season. If a property is outdated or lacks modern amenities, it may not be as appealing to renters who are looking for a more luxurious or family-friendly rental experience. Homeowners who do not invest in property upgrades or fail to keep up with necessary maintenance may struggle to attract renters in such a highly competitive market.

Subpar marketing can also be a major factor in a property's lack of success in today’s fast-moving rental market. Even the most beautiful and well-maintained property will struggle to attract renters if it is not marketed effectively and creatively. Homeowners who do not invest in professional photography, write compelling property descriptions, or promote their properties on the right platforms may find that their properties struggle to stand out in a crowded market. And remember: attracting any renter is not the same as attracting the right renters. Without comprehensive renter screenings, your home may be at a higher risk of damage and further financial loss.

Ultimately, homeowners who rent out their properties must stay on top of market changes, make necessary adjustments on time, and invest in effective marketing strategies to ensure their properties remain competitive and appealing to potential renters.

At Nauset Rental, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That's why we've developed a range of strategies to help our clients maintain their competitive edge. By carefully analyzing market trends, we made and continue to make informed decisions about pricing and timing. Nauset Rental is currently outpacing the competition with over 10% higher average occupancy rates in summer. Our goal is to help you avoid a lackluster rental season by offering our expertise to ensure your property stays ahead of the curve, positioning you for another successful summer season. The bottom line is that our team of rental market experts is passionate about ensuring that our homeowners are achieving the highest possible revenue and occupancy rates with safe, reliable renters.

We are taking on a few more select properties before the 2023 season begins. If you're falling behind in bookings or your current manager is struggling to secure bookings, we encourage you to call us. We'll help you to analyze your current strategy, identify areas that need improvement, and implement effective solutions, and help you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your revenue potential.

Contact us today to learn more!

Choosing a rental management company can be tough! Here's what makes Nauset Rental better for homeowners than the Big National Brands


If you’re following Vacation Rental Industry news, you may have seen this week that the VR giant Vacasa just laid off 17% of its staff to address cost cutting. Unfortunately, this type of story is all too common in the wider space of VC funded or publicly traded national vacation rental property management companies.

Over the past few years, the vacation rental management industry has seen a burst of new players with varying models for managing vacation rental properties. From traditional real estate firms doing rentals on the side to retain seller clients, to large national firms aggressively sending mailers to everyone in town and signing agreements with homeowners in destinations all over the world. The market is now saturated with companies seeking to make a buck off this growing industry. Let’s be clear; not all players are equal.

We think you should know how and why we, at Nauset Rental, are the better choice for serving your interests as a homeowner seeking to earn a return on renting your home. Therefore, we have put together a score card, showing why Nauset Rental is the obvious choice over a national, venture-capital funded firm, such as Vacasa. Click here to view our scorecard for more details how we stack up specifically against the big national players, but here’s the executive summary:

  • We are a LOCAL family-owned company, here for the long haul, growing consistently over 30% per year almost exclusively by word of mouth.
  • We are NOT a Venture Capital funded company headquartered in another state that is focused on very fast growth at all costs.
  • We 100% focused on your property’s rental success. We are not real estate agents doing buy / sell transactions.
  • We maximize your revenue with our localized proprietary revenue management algorithms, which only a company with local roots and solid market expertise can employ.
  • We’re not interested in putting your home in high-risk situations to squeeze out an extra penny. We balance revenue and risk with strategies like our thorough guest screening process and wide marketing distribution.
  • We offer two specialize programs to fit most homeowners needs.

We are proud of our local roots and the system we’ve created to help homeowners on the South Shore and Cape Cod make the most of their rental property and revenue potential, but with less hassle and risk. We were built for homeowners by homeowners. We’re still taking on properties for the 2023 season. Contact us for a free proforma estimate for your property on the Nauset Rental system!


Cape Cod is often known for its sprawling white-sand beaches, ample open spaces, and delicious cuisine inspired by the local seafood in surrounding waters.  Since the early 19th century, Bostonians have escaped to the Cape to take a break from city-life, often arriving via stagecoach or horse and buggy to enjoy the natural beauty of the unspoiled beaches and forests.  By the time the Mid-Cape Highway was constructed in the 1950s, Cape Cod’s economy was amidst a full scale diversification away from the whaling industry and towards tourism.  Since the construction of this major thoroughfare, and with JFK’s creation of the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Cape’s popularity has been sealed as one of the top New England destinations for summer travelers.

While Cape Cod’s reputation is world renown, less known reasons to choose Cape Cod as a vacation destination are abundant and just as compelling. Below are 5 reasons we would choose Cape Cod to visit… (if we were not already living here!)

Kettle Ponds

Cape Cod is known for its hundreds of beautiful kettle ponds for swimming, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding

Glacial formations during the Ice Age have melted into Cape Cod kettle ponds, small, but often very deep, freshwater lakes full of natural life and pristine beauty.  During the summer seasons, these ponds are perfect for stand up paddling boarding (SUPing), kayaking, swimming, fishing, or lounging.  Many of our kettle ponds have sections with clean, white sand beaches and most all have beautiful, native trees to provide ample shade. Most Cape Cod towns have a pond coalition or an independent regulatory body that routinely tests the waters to ensure cleanliness and safety.  Many of the ponds are stocked with trout by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife during the shoulder seasons, offering outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to catch dinner. Cape Cod Kettle ponds often have cleared paths around the perimeters which provide beautiful hiking opportunities.  While Cape Cod is not as known for a foliage destination, the kettle ponds are our best kept secrets and hidden gems of fall colors if you find yourself on Cape Cod in mid or late October.

We partner with several homeowners with properties located on or near kettle ponds. Check out the following:

Thriving Small Business Scene

The Pheasant, located in Dennis Village, is a popular high end restaurant focusing on sustainable locally-sourced dining and excellent service

Due to certain town regulations and the absence of large, densely populated residential areas, many large companies and chains are simply not on Cape Cod.  As a result, small businesses up and down the peninsula have filled the gap in providing goods and services.   From small-scale grocers and markets to boutiques, art galleries, clothing stores, restaurants and cafes, the Cape is home to a bustling small business community. Many of these businesses are family owned, and some have transcended multiple generations.  Moreover, in recent decades, institutions fostering the growth of small businesses have flourished.  Organizations such as Love Live Local, SCORE, WE CAN, EforAll, Coastal Community Capital, and the Community Development Partnership, to name a few, have provided the right combination of technical assistance and capital to equip new entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources to start and grow their businesses.

Here at Nauset Rental, we proudly work with many of these small businesses to provide landscaping and home maintenance services to our homeowners.  We use local vendors for our marketing and accounting services, and we stock our guest welcome baskets with products purchased from some of our favorite local vendors. Throughout the year, we support the growth of our small business scene via volunteer hours and donations to some of the aforementioned organizations that support our small business scene. Our pride in the thriving local business community is endless, and we know that our strong small business community is one of the most sustainable assets of Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail and other Bike Paths

Cape Cod has many bike trails and paths in any town. This is a popular activity for everyone in the family.

When July arrives, the roads on Cape Cod are full of visitors, and taking a left hand turn is harder than a Bar Exam, you know it’s time to strap on a helmet and hit one of the many bike paths on the Cape. Cape Cod is nothing short of a biker’s paradise.  With 114 miles of bike trails, visitors have an alternative and healthy means of seeing many of our idyllic destinations.

To support the many bikers who come to explore Cape Cod via bike, there are several well-established and trustworthy bike shops who can fix a flat, tune up an old cruiser, rent you a great bike, or even sell you the latest Trek model. And a simple Google search of biking in the town where you plan on staying will yield lots of useful information about how to navigate your Cape Cod vacation on two wheels.  Here are a few of the more well-known bike paths, with downloadable maps to explore, but be sure to check out each town page, as there are more off-road and mountain biking trails in addition to the paved paths.

Because of the plethora of trails on Cape Cod, many of the homes we rent offer close and easy access to bike paths. You may even find that your vacation home with Nauset Rental includes bikes! If you want to rent a home near a bike path, here are a few of our favorites.

Growing Farm to Table Movement

Farming, gardening and foraging are common activities every summer on the Cape

With its abundance of sandy-soil, Cape Cod is less known for farming. Unless we are talking about harvesting the waters, most people think of Central and Western Massachusetts towns when considering farm experiences.  But within the past decade, the farm-scene has exploded, and visitors will now find many small-scale local farms dotting the Cape Cod landscape.  With the growth of farms supplying some of the best restaurants on the sandbar, Cape Cod is home to a growing farm to table food movement that has fueled creative twists on classic dishes.

Several farms invite the public to an interactive farm experience, whether its shopping for locally grown produce, walking the farm grounds, or interact with farm animals, visiting Cape Cod farms should be on your to-do list - especially if you have kids!  A few of our favorite farm experience are:

  • CBI Farm
    Producing over 100,000 pounds and more than 125 varietals of produce, CBI Farm in Brewster invites you to visit their farmstand, where you can browse their produce and an elite selection of locally produced foods and gifts.  They offer farm-to-table dinners on their beautiful grounds and offer their farm for special events and celebrations.
  • Cape Cod Lavender Farm
    Surrounded by 75 acres of conservation land, with ample trails for walking and hiking, the grounds at Cape Cod Lavender farm will take your breath away!  Harvest occurs between June and July, so if you happen to have your vacation planned for that time, you do not want to miss the amazing fragrance of freshly harvested lavender.  Learn about the many uses and health benefits of lavender, enjoy a picnic on their beautiful grounds, and stroll through their specialty gift shop.  With over 10,000 farm visitors each year, Cape Cod Lavender Farm is well equipped to welcome guests and educate them on the varieties and uses of lavender.
  • Coonamessett Farm
    Open every day from 9am-5pm, the Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth is the perfect place to take the family!  Their offering for picking is some of the best around and include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, squash, peas, eggplant, flowers, beets, leaks, kale, pumpkins, and more! Book a special group event, pet farm animals, and enjoy authentic Jamaican dinner each Wednesday evening.  Shop produce and freshly baked goods at their farm stand, and soak in the beauty of this family-owned treasure of the Falmouth community.  With special, interactive events planned each season, you want to be sure to check out their calendar of events!
  • Tony Andrews Farm
    Another PYO (pick-your-own) paradise in Falmouth, Tony Andrews Farm offers another unique and unforgettable Cape Cod farm experience.  From strawberries, peas, corn, tomatoes, and rhubarb, the picking experience last well into the fall months.  The farm has operated since 1935 and has been built around the mission of welcoming the community onto the property.  With special events sprinkled throughout the year, it’s always wise to call ahead and try and catch one of their festivals.

A few of the farm-to-table restaurants always sourcing locally grown goods are:

Vacation with the Whole (Furry) Family!

Cape Cod is very dog friendly, so you will be able to travel with your entire family. Many of our rental homes allows well-manned dogs.

Perhaps it is well known that Cape Cod is extremely kid-friendly, but it is worth emphasizing nonetheless.  Between the endless activities - swimming, hermit crab hunting, fishing, mini-golfing, ice-cream eating, whale-watching, boogie boarding, and biking, and the perfect outdoor weather, the Cape is where families come to sit back, relax, and let the kids go wild.

Less well-known is that Cape Cod is very dog-friendly.  But Nauset Rental knows it! Not only do we offer a nice selection of dog-friendly homes, but we believe that Cape Cod is a great destination for dog-lovers. With the plethora of outdoor spaces and activities and many accommodations that welcome dogs, we say skip the doggy day care and bring your dog to Cape Cod. Check out our Top 10 Things to Do with Your Dog with suggestions of how to spend your Cape Cod days with Fido at your side!

With 8 years serving homeowners and guests, the team at Nauset Rental loves Cape Cod. Unlike many of our competitors, we actually live here.  We love sharing our local know-how ensuring that our guests make lifelong memories while staying with us.

An in-ground pool and patio surrounded by a fence is just one of the safety regulations homeowners will need to abide by when using Nauset Rental as their property manager.

Ensuring the safety and wellness of all guests to a vacation rental is of utmost importance for the longevity and sustainability of a vacation rental property. Prioritizing guest safety by making a few key updates and investments to your home will help avoid hazardous situations, potential lawsuits and other general liability headaches. As a vacation rental management business, we work directly with homeowners and each individual home to help them understand what appropriate measures should be taken in order to guarantee a safe and enjoyable stay for all guests. While each property is unique and offers different amenities and potential hazards, we have compiled a list of broad updates we see as essential to all vacation homes in Cape Cod.

External: Proper Lighting

A basic, but very important, outdoor update is lighting.  Make sure that all lightbulbs are relatively new and functioning properly prior to the rental season.  Bad or non-functional lighting can cause falls, confusion, and a poor first impression if guests are arriving at their rental property at night.

External: Street Number Visibility

Some renters seek out private homes that are “off the beaten path,” but that doesn’t mean that renters want to go on a scavenger hunt to find the home. Vacation homes should be identifiable from the street.  If the home itself is not visible from the street, ensure that the street number is clearly marked on a tree or a mailbox near the driveway so that renters and emergency vehicles will easily know how to access the property.

A pool is a great upscale amenity of a vacation rental, but does come with extra maintenance and safety regulations

External: Pools and Hot Tubs

Upscale amenities that are outdoors, such as a pool or hot tubs, are desirable and attractive to renters, often commanding premiums on the rental price. Though these amenities are major bonuses for renters, they can also be a potential safety hazard. It is important that the homeowner, along with an experienced rental management company, survey the amenity for liability concerns and ensure that the amenity complies with local code. Common safety updates related to pools and hot-tubs include ensuring that all decks and flooring are stable, durable and well sealed. Traction mats should be added to areas that are particularly slippery when wet. Appropriate pool nets and fences must be installed with gates that seal off the pool from young children. Furniture or items obstructing the entrance and egress of a gate must be removed and repositioned. Thermometers in hot tubs should be tested regularly and always functioning properly to avoid burns. These updates are especially necessary if the property is listed as “family friendly” and is marketed towards families with young children.

Internal: Well-Functioning Alarm Systems & Fire Extinguishers

Ideally, fire alarms should be installed in each of the bedrooms and in the hallways near the bedrooms as well as in each of the main rooms on each floor. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on each floor. All our vacation home owners are encouraged to routinely test the batteries and functionality of fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  Batteries should be replaced at the beginning of each season to ensure proper functionality during the high season.

Fire extinguishers should be present on each floor and clearly marked so that renters do not have to go searching in a panicked state of emergency.

Internal: Clean, Functioning HVAC Systems

The HVAC system of the home should be checked by a professional prior to the rental season to ensure that it is working properly and supplying clean, good quality air and filtration. If the home contains a ductless wall unit, the filters should be washed and changed, and any air-conditioning system should be checked for proper installation and ventilation. Clear communication on how to operate the HVAC unit should be provided to guests in the welcome book and online in a digital format.

First Aid Kits are a necessity for homeowners to include in their vacation rental property

Internal: First Aid Kits

We suggest that homeowners maintain at least one first aid kit, that is restocked in between guests, and clearly marked.  If the home is larger and consists of multiple floors, it is suggested to keep a first-aid kit on each floor.  Not only will this potentially keep the items in your home cleaner, offering a well-marked first aid kit will communicate your sense of responsibility to keeping your guests safe and cared for.

General Homeowners Personal Hazards

Homeowners insurance is a prerequisite to listing with Nauset Rental, but we suggest taking it a step further.  If there are certain higher-value items in the home, such as a furniture piece or an electronic system, these items should be additionally insured or stowed away during the rental season. Any item that can not be removed but poses a potential threat should be identified to renters in the welcome book, and homeowners should provide additional instructions for the operation - or avoidance - of the item. Clear communication about all potential hazards will serve to protect both guests and homeowners.

Our advanced system of vigorously vetting guests before confirming a booking helps to prevent many undesirable situations from arising.  That said, unforeseen incidents will inevitably happen during a rental season. Each vacation rental property will come with a different and specific set of hazards that will be addressed by our experienced team. But installing just these few, general safeguards and safety measures will prevent an unintentionally bad situation from becoming much worse and therefore exposing the homeowner to more liability concerns.

Do you have more questions or safety concerns about your vacation rental property?  Reach out to our experienced team, who is always here to help.

An interior bedroom photo of a high end vacation rental in Provincetown on Cape Cod

Entrusting your property to a vacation rental management company is a decision many owners take once they realize the volume of work involved in managing a rental property. Owning a vacation property, whether it’s an investment or a vacation home, can essentially become a second job with a steep learning curve.  The processes of marketing and listing the property, choosing and maintaining a booking platform, managing relationships with renters, and coordinating change-overs and property upkeep, can be daunting and all-consuming for any individual who might not have the time, skills, or local connections to execute this well. Let’s face it - managing a vacation rental property quickly becomes a full time job.

Hence, many homeowners choose to partner with a Vacation Rental Manager (or VRM) to save time and energy and to avoid unnecessary stress.  VRMs work with homeowners to market, list and maintain properties while handling the guest reservation and booking processes.  During guest stays, VRMs are the point-of-contact, resolving issues and often acting as a local guide. Typically, VRMs collect the rental income and retain a percentage or fixed amount of the revenue to cover the cost of these services. Remaining revenue is then distributed back to the homeowner.

Most vacation destinations are filled with a competitive offering of VRMs, and as a homeowner, you probably have several options on the table. In selecting the right partner VRM,  be sure to ask yourself - and your partner organization - if these four elements are met:

Does the manager screen potential renters?

Screening potential renters of a property is a time-consuming yet vital step to ensure that you are limiting risk when inviting guests to your home.  In this virtual world where most bookings and reservations are done through the internet, a simple phone call can allow the rental management company to discern if the potential renter is truthful and intends on leaving the property in good condition. The screening process allows for both parties to establish mutual trust and sets forth expectations from the outset so that there are no surprises down the line.

Property management companies that offer this service are, by definition, looking out for you and your home. Revenue is important, but it’s good to be sure your manager is not just looking to squeeze out every dollar or take the first booking that comes in via an "instant book" (high risk) type arrangement. Your VRM should be doing more than simply seeking to secure the highest bidder at whatever cost or potential risk. VRMs offering detailed guest screening  are experienced in the sector and know the right questions to ask, what to look out for and how to conduct these conversations to ensure a positive relationship is formed off the bat.  All property rental management companies working with high-end, luxury properties should be screening renters and squarely aligning themselves with the interest of the homeowner.

Is the property management company transparent and upfront with the income you can expect to earn? Does your VRM utilize localized data and technology to optimize your revenue?

A good property management company will deeply understand the local market and will be able to accurately estimate the rental income your property can demand during all seasons.  The best companies can provide homeowners a pro forma that clearly illustrates expected revenue generation from a property, with market trends and variations in rates and occupancy levels built into the analysis. As a homeowner, you should know what the property management company is collecting, how this rate may change with the seasons, and how and when the revenue is then distributed to you. A pro-forma is an extremely effective way to communicate this information and allows the homeowners to plan their financial decisions accordingly while understanding which responsibilities are off their plates.

Sophisticated rental management companies are employing dynamic pricing, a tool used to ensure that the property is attaining peak economic opportunity. By utilizing algorithms to assess supply and demand and updating the price in real time, dynamic pricing allows property managers to assess the temperature of the market and then price your property accordingly, optimizing revenue. This is an extremely useful tool specifically for luxury properties in seasonal destinations where competitive prices depend on the seasonality of the local community and fluctuating demand affected by exogenous factors, such as, say, a pandemic. 

Is your VRM investing in your marketing?

Obtaining high quality photography is the first step to ensuring your home is visually as appealing and all amenities are accurately displayed, and should be included in the services provided. Once professional photography is obtained, ask the vacation rental manager how they are reaching the right audience. Do they understand the demographics of the target market? Do they have access to digital and non-digital marketing platforms to reach this audience? How are they marketing themselves and landing qualified leads onto their platforms?  It is salient for a company to have their own networks, connections and social/digital media footprints so they can successfully support their clients and that they not only invest in the promotion of  your property, but that they are always promoting their brand as well.

Does the company have a local presence , i.e. employ local people with real connections and local insights?

The final element when identifying and hiring the best fit management company is to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and insight of the local market and community. While technology, such as dynamic pricing, can help with optimizing the price attained, maintaining the property and solving unforeseen problems necessitates local connections and a network of service providers that are both trustworthy and reliable. You need trusted and professional LOCAL boots on the ground to execute any needs for your home. In coastal locations, where seasonal storms can wreak havoc on homes and landscapes and where drastic variations in temperature can lead to plumbing and HVAC issues, having reliable, local partners that are ready and willing to show up in an emergency is priceless. Furthermore, property rental companies that are based in the local communities where they operate will have much more local insights to offer guests and will be able to give valuable advice and referrals to their partner homeowners when problems need to be addressed. In a digital age where so many transactions are completed online, the power of in-person local connections and long term relationships with local vendors and service providers cannot be understated, especially in a sector that inevitably involves repairs and maintenance.

Renting your property can be a hassle. Let Nauset Rental help you manage your property and vacation renters so you can enjoy your summer too

More Revenue, Less Headache

Renting a home can be an overwhelming process that at times can feel impossible for those opting for the “do-it-yourself” method. Or perhaps you’ve been with a company that doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark on the above for you. With many vacation rental management companies soliciting your partnership, it can be hard to decide on the right fit. Choosing a partner that always has your best interest at the forefront of all decision-making is absolutely essential. At Nauset Rental, a family-owned, independent vacation rental management company, you will be supported by a local team with a specialization in revenue optimization and a reputation for transparency. With a 90% homeowner retention rate and a year-round, Cape Cod staff, we are the Cape’s #1 rental management company for high end homes. Offering a complete modern solution, leveraging advanced technology, world class digital marketing and streamlined operations, we earn more rental revenue with less headaches for homeowners.