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We help high value homeowners generate higher revenue, hassle-free. The Cape Cod rental marketplace has transformed dramatically in just the last few years. If you or your agency don't understand the current market transformation and have a strategy to adapt, challenges like unbooked weeks will only increase in the future. That said, like in any time of rapid change, there is an opportunity to dramatically outperform for those who are well positioned for the new environment. All our long term clients were fully booked this past peak season and we continue to grow over 30% a year almost completely on referrals from our clients. Reach out today via the form below to have a call with our founder and learn more. 

Our results speak for themselves: we have delivered a 96% average increase in rental revenue for homes switching from traditional rental agencies and a 92% average increase for owners switching from self-managing their home. Full details available upon request and you can do reference calls with our clients. We've also been featured in a Boston Globe article about vacation rentals

Our current minimums: We currently accept homes that rent for at least $4000 per week in the peak season and that we can expect to generate over $30,000 in rental revenue over the "Summer" season. Typically this correlates with a property's assessed value (for property taxes) at $800K+ or a property that has been recently built (or completely renovated) and refurnished. 

We work with our selected homeowners in two ways...

Redefining Rentals: Cape Cod's First Modern Rental Agency 

We launched out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) & the Outer Cape in 2014 and are committed to re-inventing the vacation rental experience for both homeowners and tenants. We leverage advanced technology, streamlined processes and our deep experience engineering and executing complex solutions for Fortune 500 companies. While we have been offered funding we have remained solely family owned and independent as our goal is not to grow fast and exit (ie: sell to a company that may not share owner priorities). We know well from our MIT founder's group that VC funded companies must grow very fast or fail fast and we just don't feel that would best serve our homeowners. Our goal is to steadily grow as a local business here for decades to come. After all, we are homeowner clients of our service as well. We thank all of our homeowner and guest clients for your contribution to our rapid growth and look forward to serving more of you with our innovative rental solutions.

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Almost all travelers now want an easy way to browse and reserve homes online. We are the only locally based company where tenants can browse and reserve all our homes online from any device they want (including signing all rental agreements). 


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