Discover Provincetown

A quiet haven for artists and authors in the off-season, Provincetown comes to life in the summer months. Similar to Key West, this town has a vibrant LGBT culture and magnetic atmosphere, and there is no shortage of things to do and sights to see! Only 1.5 hours from Boston by ferry or 30 minutes by plane, it is easily accessible for even short weekend getaways.

Visitors flock to Provincetown for its beautiful beaches, unique boutiques, excellent restaurants, exquisite art galleries and fun atmosphere. There are a number of festivals and celebrations throughout the season. The summer kicks off with Women's Weekend on Memorial Day, followed by Provincetown Film Fest and Portugeuse Fest in June, Independence Week and Bear Week in July, and Carnival in August. And these are just the most popular events - there are plenty of other things to do there all summer long.

Stroll down Commercial St. and peruse